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Pastel Colour Thickened Plush Sofa Blanket
From £14.99
Chunky Waffle Knit Cosy Sofa Blanket
From £34.99
Cosy Woollen Knitted Tassel Sofa Blanket
From £24.99
Super Soft Cosy Floral Pattern Blanket
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Luxurious Colourful Chequerboard Plaid Blanket
From £39.99
Geometric Boho Style Cosy Plaid Blanket
From £29.99
Classic Checkerboard Plaid Design Sofa Blanket
From £19.99
Keith Haring Jigsaw Throw Blanket
From £39.99
Fluffy Floral Plush Thickened Blanket
From £69.99
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Chequered 'Smile' Meme Pattern Checked Blanket
From £39.99
Nordic Solid Sofa Knitted Blanket
From £29.99
Nordic Boho Cotton Throw Blanket
From £59.99
Floral Muslin Bed Cover
From £69.99
Welcome to The House Of BLOC's Throws + Blankets collection, where coziness meets style. Our carefully curated selection features a wide range of throws and blankets designed to elevate your home's comfort and aesthetic. Explore our assortment of boho rugs, exuding a free-spirited, artistic charm that adds a touch of wanderlust to your space. For those who appreciate sleek, modern design, our minimal rugs offer a clean and understated elegance that seamlessly complements contemporary interiors. If you prefer to make a bold statement, our printed rugs come in captivating patterns and designs that transform your room into a work of art. Discover warmth, texture, and personality in every piece of our Throws + Blankets collection, as we bring you the finest in homeware fashion.